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An all masonry double sided fireplace, supplying ambience  to two rooms. Each lightweight fireplace is made of modular  masonry components, assembled on site, and has a  refractory herringbone patterned firebrick interior. It requires  no special footings, and can be installed over wood floors  and on second floors.

The C-Thru 42 is available in 3 interior refractory colors, and  is backed by a full 4" of high temperature refractory  masonry.

Each fireplace is U.L 127 tested and approved by OMNI Test Laboratories, Inc., and can burn wood* or ceramic gas logs.



           Arched Opening Sizes

         Straight Opening Sizes
Model A B C D E F G
*42" 42" 52" 26" 37" 6" 60" 5"
36" Coming Soon
Model A B C D F G
42" 42" 52" 26" 31" 60" 5"
36" Coming Soon
*Wood burning available in straight opening only